A Promising New Generation

Destiny Christian Academy is all about the NOW and the NEXT. We are a vibrant Christ-Centered educational community that is motivated by love and learning. We are committed to developing Students of Promise who are becoming more caring, competent, wise, and skillful — students who are ready to biblically navigate an ever-changing world.

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Academic Excellence

Great Academics. Missional Impact.

From the smallest child in our preschool to the high school senior, DCA is laser focused on providing a world class education. Utilizing outstanding private school facilities, our teachers provide both corporate and individualized learning and discipleship experiences that nurture both the heart and the mind. Our liberal arts and college preparatory instruction at Destiny Christian Academy is rooted in the sacred Scripture and is guided by the Holy Spirit, resulting in dynamic outcomes of biblical faith, civic virtue, and knowledge.

Leadership Development

Adult Readiness and Ethical Courage.

Our school mission is to build remarkable students who will live out their adult lives as a blessing to God and others. We help our students discover and activate every aspect of their God-given life. We want their Christian faith and ethics to become powerful while also competing on a national level academically. We want them to relate successfully to their world, understand how finances and resources work, and know how to manage their time and bodies well.  We want our students to be courageous, creative and confident in the face of worldly philosophies so they can stand alone if needed as a faithful champion of the Christian faith.

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Christ-Centered Spiritual Growth

Momentum and Confidence.

We want our students to be purposeful and thoughtful, not hesitant or fearful about life. DCA students come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to their emotions and giftings.  Not every student learns and develops in the same way.  We want your child to be brave and confident. We want them to experience God's love and then freely give that love away to the world around them. Foremost, we want our students to develop a relationship with Jesus—one that is personal and lasting.

Embrace Destiny

At Destiny Christian Academy your child will be a cherished member of our family. We invite you to take the next step and explore all the wonderful opportunities at DCA.

Join us on this remarkable journey of faith, learning, and leadership.


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